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Bake a cake in microwave



Birthdays are a very special event. Each year every person eagerly waits for their birthday to come so that they can celebrate it with their friends and family. And what is more important in a birthday than a cake; nothing according to me. A perfect cake makes a birthday even more special. In a birthday party everyone impatiently waits for the birthday cake to be cut. The look and the taste both need to be on point to make it an ideal birthday cake. A cake with glossy icing and colourful sprinkles will make anyone greedy for that extra piece.

If you have the responsibility of arranging the birthday cake for a child’s birthday, you have to keep a lot of things in mind. All the kids present in the party will have their keen eyes fixed on the cake. Having a perfect birthday cake would mean a lot for the birthday boy or girl. If you have less time or you want fewer hassles, you can contact a cake delivery online store. You can give them the details of the cake and they will have the cake delivered to your doorstep. But if you have less budget and you want to do something personal, you can even bake a delicious cake at home.

You can follow some of the given tips to bake a wonderful cake which will put a look of awe in the faces of all the children:

  • Round cakes are the easiest cakes to bake at home. So it will be better if you stick with baking a round cake. It will reduce your troubles with the icing and fondant because of their simple geometry. Cakes with edges will require a lot of work to cover with frosting or fondant. But if you are kind of a pro at baking cakes, you can always opt for a cake with a different shape.
  • Kids are quite visual, so the overall look of the cake will matter a lot. But that is not all. A good looking but tasteless cake will not impress anyone. You can make a confetti cake bright and colourful by adding a huge amount of sprinkles in it. You can easily bake a confetti cake at home. All you will need is a big bag of sprinkles and chocolate chips. Just add them to your original cake batter and bake the cake. But remember to use small sized mix-ins as the larger ones tend to sink to the base and get concentrated there.
  • Before you do your frosting you must absolutely remember to freeze the cake. This will help you get a crumb free frosting. Wrap each of the cake layers individually in a plastic wrapping sheet and freeze them for atleast 5 hours. You can further reduce the chances of formation of crumbs by adding a crumb coat.

Baking your own cake might be risk if you are a beginner. Thus many people choose o get their cakes delivered. UK cake shops are famous for the cake delivery service.

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50th Best Anniversary Party Ideas for your Parents



One of the most precious and special anniversaries in the married life of a couple is their 50th anniversary. 50 years of a magical and most treasured bond shared, 50 years of togetherness, 50 years of loving and caring for each other, being there in each other’s struggles and hardships and making it together, helping and caring for each other. If there is any year of anniversary that has to without a doubt be celebrated that is the special 50th anniversary. Make sure that you make the 50th anniversary the best day of their lives after their wedding and maybe in future your children will do the same for you. The 50th anniversary has just got to be the biggest, grandest and the most majestic celebration ever after obviously the wedding. Giving your parents such a surprise party on their 50th anniversary is the least that you could do for them. Plan an elaborate and a detailed event to make it another one of the sweetest and most treasured memories that they have spent together. And do not forget the anniversary cake delivery in Noida at any cost.

Here are a few things that you could begin planning the party with:

  • Start with some amazing and unique invitation cards- Since it is one of the most special and joyous celebration, just like a wedding it is a good idea to invite people using invitation cards. You can theme the invitation cards or even put up their wedding pictures to make it even more personal and intimate.
  • Select the perfect theme that resembles your parents- For the 50th anniversary celebration, gold is the symbol that is accepted in occasion worldwide. Also if you want to decorate the venue with flowers or gift your parents a bouquet of flowers, violets are the perfect option since they are the official flowers for a 50th anniversary celebration. You can set the venue with golden decorations and give it the look for a wedding.
  • Do something special to celebrate their 50 years of togetherness. Let them take a trip down memory lane by renewing their vows or exchanging garlands of pretty flowers or anything else to signify their love for each other. You can show a slideshow of their most favorite and special pictures, videos and moments together. That is something that will make their anniversary party a bit different as compared to other regular anniversary parties.

  • Choose the perfect venue- It could be near a poolside, in a banquet hall, in a resort, or even a local yet elegant and sophisticated restaurant. Choose a venue where the people for whom the party is being organized are comfortable and happy with.
  • Food and drinks is definitely one of the most important things and all guests and invitees should love the food more than anything else. If anything at all, the party will be judged by the type and quality of food served. An anniversary cake is also extremely important and must not be forgotten at any cost. You can order a themed anniversary cake or even get a customized online cake shop in Faridabad, which can also have their favorite picture together, if possible a wedding picture. One of the best ideas for an anniversary cake if you are having a huge party with many many guests is to order a layered cake, which looks really special and can also have different flavors at different layers. Different people may have their different favorite flavors of cake and they will have a few options to choose from. You can also attach a picture of the couple on top of the anniversary cake and decorate it with 50 candles to make it even more fun and quirky.
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Different versions or modifications of Pizza



order online Beef pizza

Pizza is a kind of dish which can come under any category. It can be a comfort food, a go-to option, or even a delicacy depending on the way you make it. There are various kinds of Pizza depending on the cuisine, the way it is prepared, the ingredients that go into the preparation as well as the size of the crust.

Although it is very tempting to eat Pizza on a daily basis, there are varieties of modifications one can do to pizza, especially if you are a pizza lover who just cannot get enough of the dish.  These modifications can be wacky, subtle or even a junk overload. Over the years people from various countries and cities have tried and tested their own recipes to modify Pizza to suit their taste. You can still stick to classics such as chicken pizza, or a margarita with lots of cheese, or you could order online Beef pizza with Nick’s Bistro, for something unconventional.

Here are the craziest versions of pizzas that have been stuffed, altered or modified, from around the world:

  1. The pizza turned into Coca in Spain

A flatbread made from Pizza dough which is given a sweet topping with nuts and other ingredients and served with a stickier base. It is also a savory when topped with vegetables or meat items. It could be served for breakfast or lunch and also makes a great side dish for a drink. The yeast is particularly soft in the dough.

  1. Deep fried pizza

A Scottish dish, Deep fried pizza is prepared by frying the dough instead of baking it. It can be served along with chips and is usually fried without the batter. It is usually made from the frozen, readily available pizzas which don’t have too many toppings as they will come off during the process. Once it is ready, you can then garnish it with salt or vinegar, and other toppings and serve it with sauce.

  1. Parathas in India

Parathas are stuffed Maida dough which has a slight similarity to Pizza as it is called the Indian Flatbread. It is also sometimes topped with vegetables or Meat, and served like a pizza as it is round in shape but not as big as the classic Pizza.  There are AlooParathas, Garlic Parathas, Radish Parathas, among many other kinds. If you want to be a bit crazier, you can make plain Parathas and add Pizza sauce and toppings for an Indian variation.

  1. Calzones

Calzones are a dish from Italian which is shaped in a semi-circle manner and looks like a big pizza folded into half.  The toppings, sauces, and other ingredients used are the same but can be added in more quantity as it will remain inside the closed dough. They are served along with oils, and other seasonings such as oregano, chili flakes, and pepper sauces.

These are various kinds of modifications done to Pizza and all these dishes look and taste great. If you are a pizza lover, it is highly recommended that you taste these dishes and also explore and try some variations of your own.

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Here Is Why Your Lunch Is So Important




lunch delivery service

In today’s busy world, nobody has the time to stop. Everybody seems to be in a running mode. And the time of the day when most people make a haste is the morning time because it is this time when they need to get ready for the office. People take bath, iron their clothes, and pack their bags. But one thing that almost everyone forgets to do is taking morning breakfast. If you are a working professional, you probably understand how difficult it gets in the morning to take out some time to prepare your breakfast and have it. And that is probably the reason why people prefer to skip breakfast. But it’s not healthy to skip breakfast. And if you are too busy to follow this morning ritual, then you must make it a point to have a good lunch. Here are the most important benefits of having a healthy lunch-

  • For all those people with a great paucity of time, it’s not the morning breakfast but the lunch that is the most important meal of the day. And that is why you should show no laxity in this regard. You should try to add as many important nutritive food items to your afternoon meal as possible. You should include carbs, proteins, and vegetables for a proper afternoon meal.  If you love dairy then you can include cheese, Cottage cheese, or yogurt. Whatever you eat, make sure it is healthy and nutritive. Binging on junk food items cannot be a great midday practice.

lunch delivery service

  • When you skip your afternoon meal, you drain yourself of energy. So, you are left with no energy to carry out your work scheduled for the rest of the day. Whether it is a sitting job or a labor-intensive job that you do, it is going to drain you out of your energy. And because your energy levels deplete as the day proceeds, you must have a proper lunch. Eating the right food in lunch will provide you with the required energy needed to handle your office chores later in the day. And when you come back home, you don’t feel completely drained out.
  • Your lunchtime is your time to experience mindfulness. It’s only your food and you and, no fuss! A hard day at the office can take a toll on your body and that is why making some time for your own self is extremely important. Now, can there be a better time than the lunchtime to offer your body and your mind some rest? Probably not! Also, when you take your lunch mindfully without distractions and engagement with other works, you digest your food better.

So, now you know how important your lunch is. If you can bring food from your home for lunch, it is well and good. If, however, you don’t have time to cook your own food, then opting for a lunch delivery service would be the best bet.

Lunch delivery services are quite efficient these days. They not Just provide good food but also make sure you get your food in time.  That is why when you order lunch delivery,  you never face disappointment.

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